Battle Rules

1.) No hacked Pokémon. If we suspect/find out you are using hacked Pokemon action may be taken against you.

2.) Standard battle rules- both trainers declare their maximum and minimum levels. From there they decide the level cap for the battle, or they agree on either a level 50 or 100 battle. Also, only one legendary per team. Since they usually have higher stats, it isn't fair to make a team out of 6 legendaries.

3.) If your opponent agrees, any of the standard rules may be overridden for the battle.

4.) Do not disconnect mid-battle because you are about to lose. Sore sports will not find it easy to battle in the future.

Trade Rules

1.) Do not seek out/offer up hacked Pokemon. If we find you used this site to trade hacked Pokemon action may be taken against you.

2.) Do not scam Pokemon- conning people into unfair deals will get you banned on the first offense. (Please note- this is very hard to monitor. If you suspect something fishy, video record your trade however you can.)

3.) Do not spam, beg, or otherwise repeatedly ask for certain Pokemon, especially form a single user.

4.) All trades are final. We cannot force a person to return certain Pokemon from a bad deal; we can only ban them from this site.

Site rules

1.) Do not vandalize a page. Don't think you can get away with vandalism either- we can check/block IP addresses.

2.) Don't be abusive. This is a common courtesy matter. Admins hold the right to determine if something is abusive.

Chat Rules

1.) Chat is not a trade/battle only chat. It also is not a Pokemon only chat. These topics are acceptable, but not mandatory.

2.) Please refrain from being overly vulgar in chat. Pokemon is an E rated game, so keep in mind that a varied age group may use this site.

3.) Do not use the chat to flamebait. If we see the chat end up in a flame war (such as "reasons why Generation 5 isn't good at all"), we may have to take action to end it.

Punishments for Violations

Admins reserve the right to increase/decrease penalties based on the severity of infractions.

Battle/Trade/Site Violations

In general:

  • 1st offense- 3 days
  • 2nd offense- 1 week
  • 3rd offense- 2 weeks
  • 4th offense- 1 month
  • 5th offense- 1 year
  • 6th offense- Permanent ban

Chat bans

In general:

  • 1st and 2nd offense- 3 days
  • 3rd offense- 1 week
  • 4th offense- 1 month
  • 5th offense- 1 year
  • 6th offense- permanent chat ban