Welcome to the Rival Battle forum, where you can seek out a Rival Battle. This unique forum has a specific rule set.


1.) First, you seek out a permanent rival. He/she will be your rival for this team.

2.) Both you and your rival must have 1 starter on your team. One person picks first, then the rival picks second, choosing the same-gen type advantageous Pokemon.

Game Flow

1.) You and your rival must submit to a level cap each meeting (5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60).

2.) You and your rival (after selecting starters) go out and either catch 2 wild Pokemon or delete the moves off of newly hatched Pokemon (except their level 1 moves).

3.) Once you are both at the same level, battle. Keep track of the win records. Whoever has the most wins is crowned Champion...for now.

4.) After the 7th battle, one final series is held at a level 70 cap. In this series, the player is facing their rival, the Champion. To win, the player must win two matches in a row. The Champion simply has to win one of these two matches.

Other Rules

1.) TMs/HMs/items may not be used until after level 20, and no two Pokemon on your team may hold the same item.

2.) No two Pokemon on your team may have the same two types. (Venusaur and Gengar may be on the same team, but Typhlosion and Rapidash may not.)

3.) Your Pokemon cannot be swapped for others. After each battle, you may obtain two additional Pokemon, to a maximum of 8 (2 for backup).

4.) If a Pokemon is one-hit-KO'd, it is dead. It must be released and replaced with one from your backups, at which point you may catch a new backup.

5.) Regarding evolution stages:

  • Only 1st stages from 5-10.
  • 1st and 2nd stages from 20-30.
  • Any stage at 40 and up.

6.) The loser of the entire rivalry must forfeit one Pokemon of the winner's choosing to the winner.